Quick update

It’s been two and half weeks since I gave birth. Since then I was admitted back into hospital for an infection–the doctors think it was mastitis. I was in hospital for three nights and given IV fluids and antibiotics. Once I appeared to be ‘stable’, I was given pills to take at home and was discharged. I’ve been off of the antibiotics for a couple days now and feel pretty good.

Now that I’m feeling better and wanting to dress and feel like a normal person again, I’ve realised I don’t have any nursing tops. I ended up ordering some tops through amazon because I can’t justify spending nearly £20 for a tank top (vest) from a high street maternity shop. Pregnancy, maternity and baby items are incredibly overpriced–it angers me. But that’s a topic for another day. 

My husband returned to work on Monday after two weeks paternity leave. Men should really be given more paternity leave. Two weeks isn’t long enough if you have had to recover from an emergency cesarean and then mastitis. Although I’m perfectly confident in my ability to look after our daughter on my own, I just feel a little robbed of family time the past two weeks. I’m not going to lie, I straight up ugly cried when my husband left for work this morning. It’s been an emotional couple of weeks.



I’m well enough to take her out for walks now!

Orla update: She is 18 days old. She has long legs so has to wear clothes that are a little big on her to accommodate for this. She eats like a pig. She can’t stand a wet nappy for even a second. I don’t even want to think about how much she’s costing us in disposables. When we take her to her bedroom to change her nappy, she usually stops crying as we pass the living room door–it’s as if she knows where she is going and what is going to happen; she instantly calms. She sleeps in 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hour chunks throughout the night. She loves her shiny WallPop dots. She tolerates bath time. She doesn’t like being washed in the tub but loves having the water poured over her belly. She really loves her cot bed but dislikes her snuzpod, though she does eventually falls asleep in it. She loved sleeping in her GroSnugs for the first couple weeks but has since seemed to have outgrown the desire to be swaddled. She prefers sleeping in a sleepsuit with a single blanket on her. She loves staring at the painting above the sofa and my hair. She’s very alert and seems to really observe her surroundings as best she can. She reached out to grab the dog yesterday. We’ll start setting aside time each day for tummy time. We’ll start by having her lay on her tummy on me and eventually move her to the floor. She has been able to lift her head in short bursts for a while now–she’s really very strong. A week ago (19/01) she was slightly above her birthweight and is in the 75th percentile for her age. She’s progressing very well and appears to be a really healthy and strong baby.


I’ll set her down in her cot bed briefly to do something in her room and she instantly falls asleep.