Planning the nursery

My husband and I both easily agreed on a colour scheme for the nursery. We were both picturing the same thing–yellow, grey and white. Funny enough, we’re both not huge fans of yellow. So first step was picking the colour palette for the room which has proven to be helpful for us for decorating.



Our ceilings are on the lower side so we figured stripes will help the ceiling to feel higher. The yellow and white will make the room feel bright and happy. Dark nursery furniture seems to very in in the states but my husband and I agreed early on we wanted white and bright. Dark furniture would feel too depressing and be too much for our smallest room.


We thought about painting and even considered wallpaper but we know the nursery is going to be used temporarily. Wallpaper would be a hassle to change or remove and even painting would mean we’d only have to repaint at some point. Also, I don’t really want to be breathing in paint fumes. So, we opted to decorate the walls with WallPops!


The striped pattern is a WallPops decal too.

The striped pattern is a WallPops decal too.


WallPops add character and colour to the room, which also means I don’t feel the need to overcompensate with needless and useless decorations around the nursery. And no, they don’t peel paint off the wall–or they haven’t in my experience anyway.


So far this is also what we are thinking:


Silver dots for one wall.

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A tree with woodland animals to add some contrast and fun for another sections of a wall.

Treehouse-Wall-Art-Sticker-Kit-2276-p Treehouse-Wall-Art-Sticker-Kit-[1]-2276-p



In addition, we’ve asked around quite a bit about what is absolutely necessary in a nursery. We’re trying so hard to not get carried away and overspend. We want items that will last and we’ll use regularly.


The general consensus was:

1). Don’t spend an arm and a leg on a changing table–if anything get a cot top changer since they’re significantly cheaper and you can change baby at the bum end rather than from the side. Also, it sounds like we’ll find that we’ll likely just change the baby on the floor most of the time.

2). Don’t buy a nursery wardrobe. Baby’s clothes can be folded and if it’s absolutely necessary to hang something up, buy some hooks or a cheap changing rail. The wardrobes for nurseries are pretty small and as the grow older, their clothes will grow out of them.

3). Definitely buy a nappy disposal system. We live in a flat so popping out to put a dirty nappy straight into the rubbish bin is not an option for us. I was debating on what type to go with–plastics absorb smells whereas steel is ideal. However, I’m yet to come across a steel one that has all the fancy mechanics of some of the plastic options available. The plastic ones are generally cheaper upfront and do things like twist each dirty nappy individually in a plastic bag to lock in smells so they don’t leak into the room.

4). Storage is so important. We have shelves up already in the room that is to become the nursery. I’m going to paint them grey. It saves us money and saves us from having to find another spot to hang them from–also means less holes in the wall. We’ll get an IKEA malm chest of drawers (bolted to the wall, of course) to keep costs down on clothing storage. There’s already a small white IKEA kallax shelving unit in there. We’ll use yellow baskets that fit into it for toy storage, most likely. Also, we plan on getting a white storage chest for the living room to easily throw bits and pieces in. It’s likely that the baby we’ll spend most of her time playing in the living room so it’s important to be able to clean up quickly and easily.


So here are photos of the end result!

**Update** We ended up getting white baskets instead of yellow for the kallax and instead of storage for our living room, we bought a toy chest for the nursery. We still need boxes for storage to go under the cot bed and for storing nappy changing supplies. But other than that, it’s done!


Stepping into the room and looking to the left.

Stepping into the room and looking to the left.


I doubt this level of organisation will last

I doubt this level of organisation will last


Far left corner of the nursery

Far left corner of the nursery


Cotbed and toy chest at the end

Cot bed and toy chest at the end