About Lucky Discovery

Lucky Discovery is a blog focusing on journeys, adventures, and discoveries made in pregnancy, parenthood, and travel.

I created this blog as a way to connect with family, friends, and whomever else is interested. I’ve already written numerous blog posts ahead of launching. However, I have yet to sift through all of them, edit them, format them, etc. For now, I have posted a few and hope to continue to add more in the days ahead. Social media can be quite a noisy platform to connect through. So, I figured, if anyone is interested they can follow my journeys through my blog–whether it’s travelling journeys, my journey into motherhood, or both! No matter what appeals to you most, there are sure to be many discoveries along the way!



I grew up in a small town in the US and always felt like I belonged somewhere else. Even as a young child I always wanted to travel. I got a lucky opportunity and moved to London when I was 21 years old. I married my husband when I was 22 and after five years of marriage we are expecting our first child together in January 2017.

We are avid and frequent travellers. We love our vacations and staycations together. Many people I’m sure assume we’ll stop travelling after the birth of our daughter. This is not the case! We are already planning our trips for next year. It’ll be different and at times a struggle as we navigate our way around with a child in tow, but it’ll be an exciting new take on travel for us. And who are we kidding..becoming parents is our most exciting adventure yet!




A drawing from my childhood of the Leaning Tower of Pisa next to a photo of me and my husband in front of it.